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Estate Planning Questionnaire

Your legal name:

Your partner/spouse’s legal name:

Date of Marriage:

Your children’s names (separate with a comma)

Your spouse’s children’s names (separate with a comma)

Your adopted children’s names (separate with a comma)

Are any of these children under the age of 18?
If so, who do you want to care for them when you die?

At what age do you want them to receive their estate or partial distributions?  

If your estate is over $2,000,000 there will be a state Death Tax applied. If over $5,000,000 there will be a federal Death Tax applied. By this definition, will your estate meet this requirement?

Do you own any property out of state?
If so, you may want to consider a Revocable Living Trust, so that there is no need for probate in both states.

Who do you want to carry out your Last Will and Testament when you have passed away?

Who do you want to get your property when you pass away?
One line per person. Be sure to specify share size with a comma after the name. (Example: “Mary Jones, 15%”)

Ballpark value of your estate
Please enter a whole dollar value for each line; your best guess is fine.
Enter “N/A” if you do not have something for that field.
Checking Accounts $ *
Savings Accounts $ *
IRA Accounts $ *
Retirement Accounts $ *
Pension $ *
Real Property $ *
Second home/Vacation home $ *
Investment property $ *
Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds $ *
Oil, Gas, etc. $ *
Autos $ *
Timeshares $ *
RVs $ *
Firearms [I-594] $ *
Jewelry $ *
Keepsakes $ *
Antiques $ *
Coin collections $ *
Gold $ *
Silver $ *

Durable Power of Attorney
Who do you trust to make good, sound financial and medical decisions for you?
This is effective only when you are mentally incapacitated as certified by a medical physician.
Used when you are not mentally with it, and you lack capacity to make decisions for yourself. Usually will avoid a lengthy, expensive legal process over your capacity, called a guardianship.

Health Care Directive
Do you want to be kept alive via a machine, when you are in a permanent vegetative state?

Would you like to be contacted for help in completing, or the use of, this worksheet?
Please specify preferred contact method: PhoneEmail
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Email address:
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Instructions: Please complete the Estate Planning Questionnaire to the best of your ability. All information will be held in strict confidence. This is a secure online form encrypted for your privacy.

It is important that names are spelled correctly and that the information provided is accurate. The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information about you and your family to ensure that you are properly advised regarding your estate plan. The information will be helpful as we discuss your estate planning goals and objectives. If a question does not apply to your situation, you may insert N/A or simply skip over to the next question.

Should you have any questions while filling out the questionnaire, please contact our office.

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