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An experienced construction lawyer, I help contractors, construction suppliers, engineers, architects and home owners in all construction-related legal matters.

I have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with construction contractors. Since 1993 I’ve provided legal services to both sides of the construction industry (for contractors, builders and home buyers), and I am often called to serve as an arbiter between government agencies in construction related matters.

I have experience working all sides of the construction industry. Are you a laborer who has not been paid correctly or fairly on a construction project? Are you a contractor struggling with a home owner who is delaying payment on a project? Are you a home owner who is getting burned by a contractor who did shoddy work, and is now refusing to refund you or fix the issue?

I help my clients achieve favorable financial and legal outcomes in court, or through settlement negotiations, mediation or arbitration.

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I can help.

If you are in a dispute over a construction related matter, I can help. Call me at (509) 662-3202 or fill out our online contact form and I will respond promptly.

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